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Hercules - High capacity, up to 35.000 products/hour

Form & Frys standard machine model is the “Hercules folding machine”. This is the type of machine the company started manufacturing in the 90s, the Hercules is a thoroughbred industrial machine and, as a result, it is built for large scale production of a limited product range.

Development of the Hercules machine has been ongoing over the last 20 years and is our best selling machine. The machine is built for fast or hard production runs in a highly industrialized environment and can easily run production nonstop for several days. The Hercules folding machine has, over the last 20 years been installed in bakeries around the world.

The Form & Frys Maskinteknik Hercules folding machines serve the high volume pastry manufacturers, supplying capacities as high as 35.000 products per hour.

  • Two fold “ Diamond”
  • Four fold “Spandauer”
  • Two fold with cut-outs
  • Star

With the addition of a rotary pre-cutter on the inlet conveyor additional products can be produced, for example the pin wheel.


Standard dough square size

75 x 75, 100 x 100, 125 x 125 or 133 x 133 (other dimensions are available upon request).

The machine folding function is based on our patented system. Rubber folding wings fold the corners of the laminated Dough Square, the machine folds the corners towards the products center.

The high capacity and superb uniformity are some of the major advantages of this machine type. Obtained by making a large volume of products on a relatively slow and smooth production flow.


Specials like?

The Hercules model range continues to increase with new variety of products, new dimensions for traditional products or area oriented products.

The Hercules “TWIST” and the Hercules “TURNOVER” are especially attractive products to mention, they are made normally with puff pastry dough and with a sweet filling. Other alternatives could be light “snack” type products made of pizza dough, the Hercules PIZZA SNACK, pie dough, the Hercules “RUGLA” or the Hercules “KARELIAN PIE”and any other type of dough that can be folded. The Form & Frys folding system, which is the basis of the Hercules machine allows us to build a Hercules Folding Machine specifically for your product.


The Rotary filling machine

To optimize the function and possibilities of Form & Frys industrial folding machines, We have developed a filling machine, which fits the needs exactly.

The basic function principle of the rotary filler is a rotating drum with pistons, retracting when in the hopper and ejecting when right above the dough product. It can be seen as a rotating version of the well known slide-plate depositor used within the industry.

Due to the high capacity of this machine, fillings that are specially shaped or containing sensitive particles can be deposited at speeds and with an accuracy never before seen.

The unique concept of the rotaryfilling machine gives primarily two major advantages:

• An outstanding high capacity, even with shaped deposits, up to 100 strokes.

• A very gentle treatment of the mass, even relatively large and sensitive particles can be deposited, without any damage.. 

Form & Frys, Hercules folding, Danish crown
Form & Frys, Hercules folding, Danish crown
HERCULES 4 fold micro
4 fold micro
HERCULES 4 fold danish crown
4 fold danish crown
HERCULES Danish crown
Danish crown 4 fold
Hercules Karelian Pie
Hercules Karelian Pie
ODIN vs HERCULES Karelian pie
ODIN vs HERCULES Karelian pie
HERCULES, micro 2 fold
15 grams product, 60000 per hour
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